The PBA Film Project Announces Official Film

Title: Beyond Laughter & Tears

The PBA Film Project is excited to announce the official film title of our documentary – BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS. Check out the official BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS poster below! 

Thank you to everyone who has followed the progress of this journey and for those who have supported the film since the very start. We look forward to sharing more updates soon on the status of bringing BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS to audiences across the United States. 


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Disconnected is a fabulous film. I feel honored to have been invited to the world premiere of the film at the New Port Theater in Corona Del Mar, CA. I can't wait to share this film with others! I want to thank all the cast for sharing their personal stories with the world. Each of you will make a huge impact as you lead by example how to live gracefully with the disease. A huge thanks to Avanir pharmaceuticals for funding this project.
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Thanks for your comments and support in raising PBA awareness!