BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS Named as an Official Selection for Two Renowned Film Festivals

After BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS made its East Coast debut in Washington DC, the ground-breaking documentary traveled across the country to participate in two esteemed film festivals—the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) and the Newport Beach Film Festival. The CIFF is the largest film festival in Ohio and features 192 films from 72 countries. The Newport Beach Film Festival is the fastest growing film festival on the West Coast and features more than 350 movies, documentaries, and short films from around the world. BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS is thrilled and honored to be an official selection for both festivals.

A screening of BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS was held at the CIFF on April 7 and 8. Then, on April 22 BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS returned to the West Coast for the Newport Beach Film Festival for a screening in picturesque Newport Beach, California.

Check out the official BEYOND LAUGHTER & TEARS trailer or request a film kit to hold your own screening of the groundbreaking documentary.



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